Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unique Identity Number Ahmedabad

Apply Unique Identity Number Ahmedabad Gujarat | Address Of Unique Identity Office Ahmedabad | Unique Identity Number Project Ahmedabad

unique identity number sample

What is Unique Identity Number?

It is recently launched by INDIAN government for manage all adult Indian citizen at central level. So after some time each and every Indian citizen has one card like license card which tell your unique identity in INDIA. This project is totally undertaken from Infosys. Recently they launched name of that project which is "AADHAAR" which says support in Hindi.

Unique Identity Card Format:

Unique identity number is any of the alpha numeric string it’s because they have to manage all Indian citizens. Normally cards look like as above picture and they have either 16 or 64kb storage cheep. It holds your finger prints, retina scan, thumb print, and your photo.

How Unique Identity Number become useful?

This id has been mainly generated for security purpose like illegal immigration, terrorist etc. The main advantage of taken this id is it will prove that you are citizen of Indian and with your photo id either in private or government sectors.

You can use this id any where require photo id or identity proof.

  • If you are apply for any subsidies like food, items, vehicle, educations etc.

  • Opening bank accounts

  • Getting new telephone, mobile or internet connections,

  • New light or gas connections

  • Getting a passport

  • Driving license and store your traffic violation records

  • Electoral card

  • Family genealogy may be traced

How can I apply for Unique Identity Number?

Recently in all local news paper about its local centers who started from last 10-12 days. I have an idea about ahmedabad local center. Address for applying unique identity number at ahmedabad.

Alankit Health And Wealth care,

1st Floor, Ganesh Plaza,

Near Navarangpura Amts Busstand.



Process of Unique Identity Application:

  • - Go with your any photo id proof like voting card, license or any government id proof.

  • - After reach center you need to feel one form which is all about your personal information

  • - Then they operator called you when your turn comes.

  • - First they taken your left and right hand finger prints

  • - Then both thumbs finger prints

  • - Retina scan

  • - Fill form with your given information

  • - Please take care with your address. Whatever address you feel it should be on your id proof and if both are not same than go with and address proof like electricity bill, telephone bill, lic insurance policy or any private company bill etc.

  • - After fill up form you need to verify and they give you one receipt and you got your id card at your address within 15 days.

*If you have an idea about your local address than please give comment here.